Our strength is in making deals fit with funders prior to proposal, giving maximum chance of positive and timely outcomes.

A Little Bit About Us

Money Sphere provides a range of financial products for the corporate and education sectors. This includes, asset finance, business loans, invoice finance, cashflow finance and VAT finance. We really are the link to solve your financial requirements. 

With over 20 years of leasing experience in private and public sectors, you are in safe hands when it comes to finance and funding, and can be sure you’re dealing with a reputable, knowledgeable, transparent and friendly company. We are the trusted partner for a large number of businesses and education establishments across the UK. Money Sphere work with a select panel of funders in order to offer the widest range of capital financing solutions for businesses and schools of all sizes and status. Our relationships with each lender is second to none, this allows us to search and select the most relevant line of funding for each scenario. And we always offer the best value rate available. As well as working with the larger blue-chip financial institutions, Money Sphere also have relationships with the smaller, niche funders for the slightly more technical deals. By working with all levels of funders we are able to provide the most sound, transparent, lowest rate solution for our customers.

We Put Our Customers First

We think ‘help’ not ‘sell’ and we help our customers grow because we see the bigger picture; we are not simply order-takers; our solutions accommodate customer needs and maximise profitability; and, because we put our customers’ needs first, we don’t take “No” personally but understand that it is simply a deferred “Yes.”

Because the only Team is ‘Money Sphere’

We maintain a ‘team spirit’ throughout the company and share learning and success; we support each other & thrive in each other’s company; we know how well we are doing and how we can improve because we provide an avenue for objective feedback. We celebrate success.

We Know the We Innovate or Die

We promote creativity and encourage new ideas, new products and new ways to help each other and our customers; we encourage challenge; we ratchet achievement and learning by listening to, and acting upon, constructive feedback; we sell success.

We Offer Quality Service

We set and maintain the highest standards of performance; our success depends on keeping our promises; so if we say we’ll do something, we do it; we believe in being proactive and having a Do-It-Now policy.

We Act as a Team

By being punctual, by being there for each other and by being consistent. We understand people don’t know everything; there is no such thing as a stupid question, SO WE ASK AND WE HELP EACH OTHER! And, if we make a mistake or even disagree on an issue, we do not ‘take it personally’; rather, we talk calmly together and agree a way forward.

We Are Committed to Winning

We do everything we do as if it’s the only thing we do; we dare to ‘Think Big’ and we strive always to do something new every day.

We Share the Same Values

We care about people so strive always to maintain our dignity and theirs; we do not believe in excessive emotional responses so we listen; we do not shout; we help each other; we believe in ourselves, our products and our services; we share problems and concerns when they occur; we think before we speak; and we see other people’s point of view; we play an active part with each other and don’t always leave the job to someone else.

We Share Clear, Agreed Company Goals & Personal Objectives

When we achieve those goals and objectives, we celebrate that success and achievement together; we maintain high standards and seek always to improve; we provide real opportunities for progression on merit.

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